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Cako's Companions
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Pansy of Cako's Corral

Pansy is our first "bred by" to show.  She is the daughter of our Emily, the fifth born of Emily's only litter.  Pansy loves the show ring and tries hard to please.  She is very easy to get along with, whether you are human or animal.  Pansy is friendly, loving and intelligent.

Pansy taking a point in Longview, Texas
Judge S. D. Gladstone, handler/breeder/owner Carol Ghering

Pansy is just a little handful for Daddy at 2 weeks old.

Only 3 weeks later, Pansy at 5 weeks is a basket full.

Pansy, on the right, playing with our 2 other puppy bitches. 9 mo

We have not yet developed Pansy's pedigree in a form that can be uploaded.  But you can see her Mother, Emily's pedigree on her page.