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Cako's Companions
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Emily's Children

Two of Emily's puppies went together to the same home.  I believe it is interesting to see pictures of them at various ages.  I will start with their infant pictures and go to one year of age.  Alphie and Karman live in New Mexico with a lovely family of 4.  They are very loved and cared for as you will see.  They even had their own room added to the house for them!


   Alphie, on the left, was the first born and largest of the litter.  Karmen, on the right, was a considerably smaller pup.  These pictures were taken at 2 weeks of age.
   These two could always be found together.  Although Alphie was big enough to be the boss of all the other pups, he treated Karman differently.
   It is interesting to note that in their home, Karman remains the 'top dog', even though Alphie outweighs her by at least 60#. 

Always together!



This beautiful portrait was taken by a famous photographer named Frank Frost. His web site is  He has a number of awards, with the Professional Photographers of America (PPA), has won may awards for Wedding and Portrait Phtographer International WPPI, as well as Regional and Local Awards.  I have posted it here with his permission.


Out for a ride in the Datsun!


One year old.  Karman is 110# and Alphie is 170#