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Cako's Companions
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Ziggy at 7 1/2 weeks

To visit Hillside Saint's website, click here.

Hillside's Twist N Shout is the newest addition to our family. We may call her Ziggy for the way the white line is marked down her back.  But that could change, we will see.  She will be coming to us from Maynardville, Tennessee on June 12.   She has a lovely pedigree which I will post later.  For now, here are a few baby pictures.  We are looking forward to loving this baby girl and showing her.

Look out world, Ziggy can stand up now!

Is this the same puppy one week later?

Yes Sir, that's my baby, 6 weeks old!

Ziggy at 8 weeks

Ziggy, 9 weeks old

July 2005, San Juan Mission in San Antonio
Ziggy at 14 weeks.

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