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Cako's Companions
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CH Mee-Noi Van De Elizieeshof

Click here to visit Kennel De Elizieeshof

Mee-Noi means "Little Bear"  Mee-Noi comes from the Kennel De Elizieeshof in Holland.  His breeder is Bep Van Dijk.  We are so pleased to be allowed to own and show this beautiful, gentle, loving dog.  George Ghering trains and shows Mee-Noi


Shhhh!  Working dog, sleeping!


We are proud to announce that Ch Mee-Noi Van De Elizieeshof completed his Championship at the Jackson, TN show on Sunday May 22, 2005  under Judge James Noe.  We will continue to show Mee-Noi as a special.


Mee-Noi took his first major in Ft Worth on 3/27/05 Thank you Judge Bettie L. Krause.


Judge Charles E.Trotter gives Mee-Noi a 2 point win and Best of Breed in Mesquite, Texas, Sunday November 28, 2004



In the picture above, Mee-Noi is practicing his 'stack' with George in our front yard.  This was taken on his first birthday.


Mee-Noi enjoys the Co-Pilot seat in the Coachman on the way home from Paducah KY, on his second birthday.

I fell in love with that baby face! 7weeks


Mee-Noi at 9 weeks old.


Although we have frequently been told that Saints seldom even make the cut at groups, we wait for it when Mee-Noi gets Best of Breed.  George feels he needs the experience in the ring, and someday it will happen!  This is at Mesquite on Sunday. 
Mee-Noi has 13 Best of Breed wins as of 6-12-2005.