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Cako's Companions
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Evermoore Emily Von Costin

Emily was bred by Randi Moore.  I purchased her at 18 Months of age.  I showed Emily a few times and she accumulated 3 points, but she had a bad ringside experience and became ill.  She has never been shown again.  Emily has a gregarious personality.  She is very much a member of our family.  She believes everything is her business and she is a lap dog!  She also believes she can talk well enough that we should be able to understand her, and often makes us laugh, using varying expressions and voice tones when she talks to us.  Emily has had one litter of 10 healthy babies.  Our Pansy is from that litter.


Emily is sure she should be a lap dog. CKCS Elvis is not so sure!

Emily, daughter Pansy and my grandson Tony

Emily with a CKCS puppy, always gentle.

Emily babysitting their youngsters, while Elvis & Lauralee take a nap.