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Cako's Companions
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Links to Saint Sites

You can learn a lot about Saint Bernards at the links below.....

For a world of information on all kinds of pure bred dogs at The American Kennel Club

All about Saint Bernards and how to choose one! Visit the Saint Bernard Club of America!

Live in Texas? or Interested in pedigrees? Visit North Texas Saint Bernard Club web site!

Could you open your home & heart to a Saint rescue dog? Click here & read all about it!

Dog links I like.....................

AKC dog shows and results at Onofrio.

PetEdge, for dog gifts and supplies!

Thinking it over, purebred/mixed breed?

WARNING! Something you need to know about a Saint Bernard breeder!

A few kennels I trust to produce top quality Saint Bernards, but there are many more...........

Angie & Andy Walker at Rhine Saints

Bep at Kennel Elizieeshof in Holland

Tricia & David White at Hillside Saints

Lynnie at Silver Lake Saints

The Boorsma's at Scandia Saints

Brenda at Twin Branch Saints

Debbie at Riverchase Saints

Wanda at Peva Saints