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Cako's Companions
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Cavalier King Charles Spaniels

Our Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are UKC registered.  While we show our AKC Saint Bernards, we do not show the CKCS.  We have a pair of blenhiem Cavies, a little smaller than average, but very healthy.  We fell in love with the Mother of our male while we were visiting a Saint kennel.  We asked if they ever bred her, we would like to buy a puppy.  A couple of years later they contacted us and that is how we got Elvis, our first Cavie.  Lauralee was imported from Ireland.  These are our little bed cuddlers.  Nothing is more loving and cuddly than a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.  I guess that is why they were the lap dog of choice by royalty for hundreds of years.  They are happiest in your lap, snoozing or watching TV with you.

Elvis is a loving and patient Father, here Cubby Bear seems to be telling him a secret. 5weeks


Cubby Bear gets his first bath, assisted by Tony.  4 weeks


Current litter at the milk bar, 11-17-04. 3 weeks

Angel Kiss, Cubby Bear, Tiny Tim, Lilly Bell

Here is Lauralee with grandson Tony and Sugar.
Cavies are really quite good with children.

Elvis is the best Daddy dog we have ever seen!

This is Elvis when he was 3 months old. Nothing cuter or more cuddly in the world than a Cavie pup!

Elvis and Lauralee playing tag in the back yard.

  Elvis and Lauralee have had 2 litters.   They are very close and Elvis will not mate with other bitches, although his A.I. has been used.  Both are very good parents.  Elvis attends the birth and helps keep babies washed, plays with them when Lauralee is naping, a very unusual Father dog, he is gentle and nurturing.
  Lauralee had the little girl and the first boy at home, then after a few hours we took her to the clinic and she had a C section to birth the second and third boys.  The smallest pup, boy 3 had somehow gotten stuch\k up a falopian tube and interupted labor.  We feel very fortunate that Lauralee and all her babies survived this ordeal and are in great condition!
   We expect this will be Lauralee's last litter.  She is precious to us and we don't want to put her at risk.

Elvis The King, napping withTriple Trouble Violet
We call her Vido. We hope she is expecting a litter!

If you are considering adding a CKCS puppy to your family, please consider a few things.  These are companion dogs and need to be with you a great deal of the time.  Also, they must be an indoor dog and can not take severe temperatures.  They are good natured and great with children, but because they are small, children must be monitored when playing with them, and trained to be careful with them.  They are also pretty high on the list of dogs that get stolen, so never leave them alone where that would be possible.  Although they do not eat much, their maintenence Vet care is about the same as any dog. 

Lauralee with her litter of 1 girl, 3 boys, at 9 days old