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Cako's Companions
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Where did all the puppies go?


Our Senior resident Saint Bernard, Emily, is babysitting the Cavalier puppies.  She loved doing this, and they loved playing with her.  She allowed them to climb all over her, chew on her ears and lips, and was very gentle with them, even giving them bathes.  Cubby Bear is cuddled up next to Auntie Em, Angel Kiss is giving her a kiss, Tiny Tim is stepping over her front leg, and Lilly Belle is sitting front and center.  These babies will be greatly missed by all of us.

Lilly Bell is sold to DeJonge family!

Angel Kiss is sold to the Williams family!

Tiny Tim is sold to the Murphys!

(Cubby Bear) Cricket lives with Trinity & Jeffery!


Cricket getting to know his new family and home!